If you want any customization done to any of the coils listed on the site please fill out the contact form with some details about what you want done.

These are the alterations that can be done to the coils.

- Choose  the wire type: Kanthal A1, Nichrome 80 and SS316L.

- Change the specs and/or number of  cores used and changing the clapton wire gauge used.

- Change inner diameter of the coil from 2-4 mm inner diameter

- Choose the number of wraps on the coil.

- Choose the direction of the wire being wrapped around the drill bit from clockwise wrap to counter clockwise wrap.

After you fill out the form we will contact you back shortly to confirm and organize the change you request done to the coil prior to placing an order. Please bear in mind that there might be a delay as each request is done to order but we will endeavor to have your coils out either same or next day.


Please get in touch!