The One coil to rule them all

Game Over Man!!

When I had my first vape of an alien fused clapton that I had made, I thought this was it! Game Over Man! These coils are made from 3 strands of 26G Nichrome 80 with a 36g Nichrome 80 alien fuse. These coils have great wire mass, performance, durability and last but not least CRACKLE!!!!

Flavour Aliens


While this might just look like another alien framed staple, there is more to this than meets the eye. 10 strands of 0.3*0.1mm Nichrome 80 ribbon wire, 2 strands of 30G Nichrome 80 and a 36G alien fuse make these some high wattage flavour machine of a coil.

Made to last with

Wire Buddha Wire

All of Cloud Revolution's hand made coils are made with Wire Buddha brand resistance wire. Which has been specially curated to have the best possible look, feel and durability.