Cloud Revolution Out with the old in with the new Sale

Whats this you may be asking? After about 4 years with the current branding we are changing it up and making it look Professional. I have been trying to get some new cool branding sorted out for years and now the new branding will be coming in shortly and It will make your life a breeze when choosing a set of coils. 

Unfortuntely for me and fortunately for you I have a lot of coils with the old branding on them, which I do not want to spend the time removing the tamper seal and that pesky side sticker. So we have priced single sets 30% off regular retail price until we have cleared all the old label coils out.

Come and grab a bargain on your favorite coils, if we sell out of the old label coils you will get to see for yourself the new labels at a great price. 

Sale will end on 31/3/22 at 11:59pm. After the sale we will be making a few tweaks to the coil line up.